Meet the Turds

After many years of seeing our dogs walk around shamefully with their head down and kitty litter on the nose, we decided that instead of scolding their helpless love of cat poop, we’d finally make the tasty snack they’ve been craving all along.

Cat Turds! They’re dog treats that look like cat poop.

Luckily, they don’t smell like cat poop. They’re actually quite pleasant and wholesome. Handmade with all-natural ingredients, Cat Logs For Dogs are a true delicacy, just like the real thing. Each turd treat is modeled on actual turds, and no two are alike.

Let them feast!
ingredients: whole wheat flour, wheat flour, nonfat milk, wheat germ, egg, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, molasses, food coloring, laughter

Perfect Replicas


Can you tell the difference? Neither will your dog!

Only 20% of the turds in this image are actual cat droppings.

In fact, Cat Logs For Dogs look so much like real cat poop, even cats don’t want to step on them. Dogs, cats—even humans will be fooled by the lifelike renderings of Cat Logs Dog Treats.

“Is that cat poop? Ewwweeee! Gross!” “Nope, just kidding! Fido loves his cat turds.”

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Get your very own cat turds! One package of Cat Logs For Dogs contains about 25 turds (~5oz) of fun-time poop enjoyment for you and your dog.


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We are very sorry, please contact us about availability. We are unable to meet demand in our small kitchen.

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